August 2017: KEYS Academy Is Growing!

New Growth = New Roles (and some new faces)

Karen Alexander, our first teacher and Director of KEYS Academy- Culpeper is stepping into a leadership and mentor role for all KEYS Academy Directors. Ms. A will continue to provide the guidance, passion, and leadership that we have all come to depend on, but will do so for ALL Directors and ALL KEYS Academy schools, and will step into the MENTOR DIRECTOR role for KEYS Academy. Her main office will be at the Culpeper KEYS Academy on Lovers Lane, and she will be found in our buildings interacting with students, teachers, and staff regularly.

Stefan Orange, former KEYS Academy-Culpeper high school teacher, will step into the role of Director of KEYS Academy-Culpeper with the beginning of this 2017-18 school year. Mr. Orange has been the lead teacher for KEYS Academy for many years, and has been mentored and guided by Ms. Alexander in preparation for the Director role. We have every confidence that Mr. Orange will continue to support the needs of our students and staff through Safety, Dignity and Direction. You can reach Mr. Orange through the KEYS Academy- Culpeper main line at 540-827-4042.